Alistair Rutherford - Birchfield Harriers Athlete & Professional Musician

Alistair Rutherford - Birchfield Harriers Athlete & Professional Musician

"Middle Distance running is all about speed vs endurance. Something that is difficult to get right is how to peak for a race. NUROCO is a great tool to enable this."

What was the problem/difficulty you were struggling with?

I spend my time both as a musician and an athlete balancing the lifestyle in a sometimes time-restrained way. Staying focused throughout my working day and running twice a day, 80 miles per week can affect your energy and focus levels if you don’t fuel yourself properly.


Why did you use NUROCO?

I liked the idea of a day-to-day drink which could help me in both of my fields. I was slightly reluctant at first. I wasn’t sure how my body would respond to it - but in fact quite the opposite occurred. I noticed no problems at all, it is just as easy to drink as my regular cup of coffee.

How does it fit into your regime?

The simplicity means I can take this whenever I am travelling to competition or on a normal day-to-day basis.  Knowing how to fuel before a training session or race is something that takes years to learn how your body works. It is now part of my routine to drink NUROCO before training and competition to help me mentally get in the right mind frame.

How has it helped with your problem/difficulty?

NUROCO helps me stay focused in my build up close to when I race. It really helps me visualise and zone in during my drills and warm up. Since I have started drinking NUROCO I feel that my energy levels are a lot more constant.

What impact has this had?

I have been drinking NUROCO for around 3-4 years and I firmly believe it has helped me to develop as an athlete. I believe it has given me that reliance on race-day and also on a day-to-day basis it has helped me focus on my goals both musically and physically!



Start of Conservatoire degree study in viola performance

5k - 19:15

10k - 39.15

Half Marathon - 91:18



Professional violist

5k - 15:02

10k - 32.59

Half Marathon - 74:55

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