Gary Wolstenholme MBE - European Tour Winner

Gary Wolstenholme MBE - European Tour Winner

“Golf is a sport which I believe is more mental than physical and finding an advantage is crucial to success. Small improvements can make a huge difference in results over a year!”



What was the problem/difficulty you were struggling with?

Focus, concentration and consistency are vital aspects that players of all sports can look to improve upon. I can produce results as good as anyone, but lacked the sort of consistency when it mattered on a regular basis.

Why did you use NUROCO?

Nuroco products seem to have the best efficacy that I could find utilising MCTs which is the main beneficial ingredient of these products for me. Certainly since taking this product my mental acuity, and energy seems to have improved in my tournaments in particular.
How does it fit into your regime?

Taking Nuroco products is simple and easy. The coffee or matcha sachets just need a bit of hot water which really couldn’t be handier. It’s ideal with your breakfast first thing in the morning wherever you are.
How has it helped with your problem/difficulty?

I really feel that utilising Nuroco has improved my results positively, and I certainly believe that these products - linked with the correct diet and training - can only improve your achievement over time. There is no other nutritional product I’ve found to date which has helped my performance in such a positive way, and I’d recommend anyone to try Nuroco if they need help with their cognitive function and energy levels.
What impact has this had?

My results since taking Nuroco products have improved over the last 14 months or so, through both my ranking on the Staysure Tour and my scoring against par per tournaments as an average through 2018 against previous years. I certainly don’t need convincing anymore, and I now look exhaustively into every aspect of my life to see how to best improve my competitiveness no matter how small the improvement might seem to be. I truly believe Nuroco has helped improve my results and overall performance.

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