Paul Eales - European Tour Winner and Broadcaster

Paul Eales - European Tour Winner and Broadcaster

“Golf is 90% mental 10% physical.  If you don’t have mental energy and clarity, you don’t have a winning game.”

What was the problem/difficulty you were struggling with?

Staying focused throughout a whole round, which may be up to six hours, can be difficult. My concentration tended to lag when I needed it most and one poor shot distracted me more than it should. The energy required to get my focus and attention back on track left me with little energy at the end of a round to allocate to rational post round reflection and practise.
Why did you use NUROCO?

Nutrition is a big part of my physical performance but I’ve realised how much it affects me mentally. When I was asked to try Nuroco Coffee I had no idea what the MCT was supposed to do for me.  I trusted the person who suggested I use it but, other than knowing it was safe to take and not breaching any anti-doping policy, I was not told what to expect.  This blind testing meant that there was no real placebo effect. The results of my increased focus came very quickly. I was amazed at the change it made in me, so I looked deeper into the research. There’s a lot of noise in the media on how to stay sharp but with all the research coming out about MCT I was immediately convinced that this was for me.  
How does it fit into your regime?

Really easily! I travel a lot throughout the world and it’s so easy to bring sachets wherever I go. I have a coffee before every round and it’s simple to make in a hotel room or on in the players lounge.  I also love the fact that I no longer need so much carbohydrate or sugar to keep my energy levels up.
How has it helped with your problem/difficulty?

It has certainly helped me keep focused throughout the day and night. I feel focused throughout my round especially where I used to dip towards the end and when I do have that bad shot, I now have the focus and resilience to keep going.
What impact has this had?

After a few months of taking Nuroco two wins in short succession.  The Scottish Senior Open followed by the Jamaican Open.  Obviously there are many factors that lead to a golfer reaching their peak performance but mind clarity and energy are critical.  I call Nuroco my Brain Fat.  Fat is energy!

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